4 Ways to Mobilize Ankle with Voodoo Floss

Voodoo Flossing Quads, Calves, Feet An excellent routine bringing and awesome relief for ANKLE TOO! You’ll need not only voodoo flos...


How To Voodoo Floss Elbow and Get Results

Voodoo Flossing Elbow [VIDEO] Voodoo Flossing Elbow Hanging on a Bar Kelly Starrett from Mobility WOD In this video Glen Cordoza an...


How To Voodoo Floss Wrist - Keeping Pain at Bay

Assisted Voodoo Flossing of Wrist and Forearm Vodoo Flossing for Wrist Pain from Sarbir Singh How to Voodoo Floss Wrist in Closed Kinetic Ch...


How To Voodoo Floss Quads and Hamstrings

Quads and Hamstrings and Why It's Important How to use voodoo floss on hamstring +41 inch resistance bands Hamstring Voodoo Flossing Voo...


6 Ways to Voodoo Floss Shoulder, Get Rid of Pain and Increase Performance

How To Voodoo Floss Your Own Shoulder Voodoo Flossing – Rotator Cuff – with Kelly Starrett Tack and Floss your Shoulder in a Lying Position ...


4 Fantastic Ways to Decompress Hips with Voodoo Floss and Rubber Band Loop

Hip Flossing with Voodoo Band and 41 inch superband loop Hip Internal Rotation Mobilization with Voodoo Floss Hip Muscles Compression Tack a...

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