How To Voodoo Floss Elbow and Get Results

Voodoo Flossing Elbow [VIDEO]

How to Voodoo Floss Your Elbow by yourself

Voodoo Flossing Elbow Hanging on a Bar

Kelly Starrett from Mobility WOD

In this video Glen Cordoza and Jesse Burdick demonstrate elbow wrap to increase the range of motion in the elbow joint.

Very often athletes are missing elbow extension and here is a quick and easy way how to re-gain it. Glen is MMA fighter and what they suffer often is an armbar injury - the situation when you can't fully extend an elbow and a bicep is in a shortened position.

So, what's happened is that Jesse's taking the band and he's basically started over the elbow, wrapped it all the way down and tied it up.

Then he just helped Glen and took his arm through a full range of motion.

The interesting part which Glen concocted was that he hanged on the pull up bar and let the rotation happen (2:00).

Go directly to 3:22 and see what Kelly Starrett called a "Burdick protocol" - how he makes a wrap, how much tension he use, etc.

Interestingly enough that he suggests stretching the band up to 100%. He also doesn't the direction of wrap. You often times may hear the recommendation to start from below to the above area - that is, in the direction of blood coming back to a heart.

How to Voodoo Floss Your Elbow by yourself

Foam rolling, lacrosse balls, kettlebells, and finally COMPRESSION BANDS
Make this routine and you’ll get a lovely release and relief. ❤❤❤

Kelly Starrett demonstrates assisted elbow mobilization technique with Voodoo Band

Voodoo Band for Elbow – Self-Application

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