Voodoo Flossing 101 in One Place

Everything you Need to Know about Compression Flossing in One Place How to Use Voodoo Floss Tack and Floss (popularized by Kelly Starrett’...


BFR - a Smart Way to Get the Most of Your Body - Blood Flow Restriction 101

✅Does blood flow restriction training work? ✅Is BFR training safe? BFR contraindications ✅How is blood flow restriction being used in exerci...


Best Muscle Flossing Techniques Explained In This Book

Tissue flossing is generally safe and well-tolerated, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you start if you are a beginner. Fir...


Voodoo Flossing - Everything You Need To Know About Muscle Flossing Bands

What is Muscle Flossing (aka Voodoo Flossing) What Does Muscle Flossing Do Do Muscle Floss Bands Work - How Does Muscle Flossing Work? Compr...


10 Muscle Flossing Bands Review - Choose the Best Voodoo Band Which is Right for You

What makes a good muscle compression band good? Grippy (Sticky, Catchy) vs Slippery bands Elasticity and ageing of rubber Things to consider...

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