4 Fantastic Ways to Decompress Hips with Voodoo Floss and Rubber Band Loop

  1. Hip Flossing with Voodoo Band and 41 inch superband loop
  2. Hip Internal Rotation Mobilization with Voodoo Floss
  3. Hip Muscles Compression Tack and Floss with Kelly Starrett
  4. How To Voodoo Floss Hip – an Opener Routine with Voodoo Band
Using resistance bands for hip pain relief, particularly through techniques like band hip flossing, can be an effective way to improve mobility, flexibility, and strength in the hip area. This method, often referred to as "Voodoo Flossing," involves wrapping a heavy-duty resistance band, typically made of latex rubber, around the hip or other joints and muscle groups to compress them during certain movements. The compression created by the band is believed to constrict blood flow temporarily and, when released, allows a rush of blood to the area, which can help flood it with oxygen and nutrients. This process is thought to aid in restoring joint range of motion, increasing blood flow to restricted areas, and compressing swollen joints that lack motion and are stiff.

Techniques for Hip Pain Relief Using Resistance Bands

1. Voodoo Flossing for the Hip: This involves wrapping the band around the hip area to compress the joint or muscle group while performing passive or active mobilization exercises. The technique is designed to restore joint range of motion, increase blood flow, and reduce stiffness.

2. Side Stepping with Exercise Band: This exercise targets hip pain by improving strength and stability in the hips. It involves placing your feet inside the exercise band, pulling it up to your ankles, and performing side steps to put tension on the band, which helps in strengthening the hip muscles.

3. Hip Flexor Exercises with Bands: Exercises like resistance band hip marches focus on the hip flexor muscles to reduce pain and improve hip function. This low-impact exercise involves using a resistance band above your ankles and performing marching movements.

4. Resistance Band Glute Bridge: This exercise activates and strengthens the glute muscles while engaging the nearby hip muscles, promoting stability and reducing discomfort. A resistance band is placed above the knees during the exercise.

Benefits of Using Resistance Bands for Hip Pain Relief

- Improved Mobility and Flexibility: The compression and subsequent increased blood flow can help improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility.
- Increased Strength: Exercises like side stepping and glute bridges can strengthen the muscles around the hip, contributing to overall hip stability and function.
- Pain Relief: The techniques can help alleviate hip pain by addressing the underlying stiffness, lack of motion, or muscle weakness.

Considerations and Precautions

- Consult a Healthcare Professional: Before starting any new exercise regimen, especially if you have an existing condition, it's best to consult with a healthcare professional.
- Monitor for Pain: If you experience pain while performing these exercises, stop immediately. The techniques should not cause pain.
- Proper Technique: Ensure you are using the correct technique for wrapping and performing exercises to avoid any potential harm.

In summary, using resistance bands for hip pain relief through techniques like band hip flossing can offer significant benefits in terms of mobility, strength, and pain reduction. However, it's crucial to approach these exercises with caution and under the guidance of a professional to ensure safety and effectiveness.

How to Use Voodoo Floss on Hips

Normal functioning of a hip joint is crucial for overall performance and health. Compromised hip causes a lot of compensations throughout the body: from piriformis muscle to quadratus lumborum and even to the neck muscles.

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You can't make a good squat if you don't have enough mobility in your hip joint.

For this post, we've gathered some techniques that utilize muscle compression bands as well as looped resistance bands. These techniques are sure to help your hip joints get fit in no time.

Hip Flossing with Voodoo Band and 41 inch superband loop

Hip Internal Rotation Mobilization with Voodoo Floss

Hip Muscles Compression Tack and Floss with Kelly Starrett

How To Voodoo Floss Hip – an Opener Routine with Voodoo Band

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