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Voodoo Floss Reviews

You can find plenty of exalted reviews about voodoo floss bands all over the internet.
voodoo floss band review

"Wow! This is pretty cool stuff! I am a physical therapist, and I have heard a lot about the "Flossing Bands." I have to admit, I was very skeptical, but it really does a good job of working the area to increase circulation, motion, and break up adhesions (scar tissue). It comes with two bands, the instructions say the red is for most, and the black is thicker for larger people or tough spots. It also comes with a little carrying case too. The most important part I would say is to go to youtube and watch several, not just one, but several videos on it before trying. This is not a compression band to leave on and go about your workout. The texture is similar to resistive bands, but it is thicker, so that means it will cut off your circulation in a minute or two. It is not meant to be left on for a workout. This is for a therapy session while it is on, you move (or have someone move) the limb to get the movement and shearing action it is intended to do. I tried it on my wrist because I have some scar tissue build up from a surgery. My hand started getting white in just a minute or two, and that is when you should stop. I think this has great benefits, but I think you need to have your health care professional show you how to do it first, at least watch some videos before trying."

Remember to use a proper method of floss bands application.

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“The voodoo band is great predominately for things that are superficial such as the patella tendon, achilles tendon and lateral elbow extensor group. The rational is this. 1.Create a sheering force by massive amounts of compression helping to loosen the superficial fascia under the skin. 2.Create significant blood restrictions followed by reperfusion of the compressed area and all the tissue downstream from the compression. This is all just expert opinion at this point. There is no research to back up these opinions/theories. There is a study at the University of South Carolina that is in the beginning stages of looking at the voodoo band for the elbow. Although there is a lack of research, there is overwhelmingly positive clinic response that I’ve seen. It’s a really cool option for both treatment and to be used as part of a warm up. Keep using it for your patella tendon pain.” 

“I’ve got a wonky shoulder that sometimes bugs me so I do the wrap it/have someone step on it method and it’s made my shoulder far less wonky. Of all the crossfit recovery stuff, I feel like voodoo bands are the best.”

“I have a plate and 9 pins in my right fibula from skating about 10 years ago. My right ankle is considerably bigger than my left because of the built up scar tissue. I’ve had trouble overhead squatting and snatching because of the limited mobility. I’ve used voodoo floss to break up that scar tissue and reclaim my lost mobility. I do t know if I would have ever been able to gain full range of motion in my right ankle without it.”

“Holy crap, my voodoo band has saved me multiple times! I’ve used it a bunch on my knee (after a stupid injury from pistol attempts) and more recently on my calves/ankles/achilles areas. It helps me immensely after doing stuff like sprints, DUs, box jumps, because my calves seize up and get really tight, thus pulling on my achilles and then my arches (creating crazy arch pain). That stretching of my calves with the voodoo band, combined with runners stretches and foam rolling has completely changed my training.
I usually wrap really tightly, and flex the affected area repeatedly for a minute, then unwrap. I probably do it once or twice a day when I’m feeling that pain. I maybe do it only a few times a month though unless it’s really bad.”

“I use these for all sorts of muscular pains: shoulder, knee, ankle, etc. They work great! I know there is no proven science behind them, but even just for pain relief, they’re great. I wrap pretty tight, tuck it, and begin stretching after strenuous running or exercise for about 2-3 minutes. My mobility always seems better afterwards. I know it seems like a gimmick, but I promise these things are solid. And yeah, the bicycle innertube works, but I think I paid 20 bucks for a pair of bands? They’re really long and help you cover more area than a tube would…”

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