Voodoo Floss on Ankle and Knee

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Voodoo Floss on Ankle and Knee with Rogue Fitness Voodoo Bands

Shannon from Rogue Fitness demonstrates a mobilizing technique with the use of Rogue Fitness Voodoo Floss Bands on his lower and upper leg.

Voodoo Flossing improves the quality of the muscle tissues by removing a lot of the adhesions between your muscle and your fascia. It can also increase blood flow to the area by flushing the blood out and then allowing it to rush back in.

And this can be used basically on any muscle on the body. As it gets up towards your arms and your shoulders, you're going to need a buddy to help you wrap up.

Voodoo Floss on Ankle

  • wrap the band with 75% of stretching
  • set the bar or other weight and give it a move
  • do about 20 repetitions

Shannon applies voodoo flossing to his lower leg to the knee. He wraps from the bottom up and he is getting about 75 percent of the stretch out of the band as he's going.

voodoo floss on ankle - how to

He wraps the leg that he has some problems with. So this is great for him to "flush" this ankle and lower leg. This also improves the range of motion that he has in this leg.

voodoo floss on ankle

Once Shannon has that wrap there, he is setting the bar on his knees which gives him a little bit of a weight to help to work through the tissue. And all he's going to do is flex the ankle, bring it back, flex and bring it back again and again for a few times. And, after about 20 repetitions of this, he takes the band off and allows the blood to rush back in there.

You're going to see that you have a better range of motion and more freedom of movement after flossing.

Voodoo Floss on Knee

  • wrap the band with 75% of stretching below the knee
  • wrap the band above the knee
  • do 20-25 squats

And then Shannon is going to wrap the knee.

You'll need two bands for this technique.

Flossing band should not cross over the Patella, you'll just want to wrap below the knee with one band and above the knee with another band starting at the bottom.

voodoo floss on knee - how to

voodoo wrap above patella

Again, 75 percent of the stretch of the band trying to do it as flat as possible. Go above the knee as well. Then just do about 20 to 25 squats with the bands in this position.

voodoo floss on knee - squat

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