Floss Bands for Knee Joint

  1. How to floss a Knee Joint with Compression Floss Bands [VIDEO]

RockFloss Tutorial on Knee Flossing with Compression Bands

Here we'll detail the steps to applying Rockfloss to the knee. The goal will be to improve flexibility, help with pain management and improve range of motion. You'll need a single floss band for that.

Start wrapping compression band right below the knee joint. Be sure you're always wrapping toward the heart.

floss bands knee

Begin wrapping with fifty percent overlap of the previous loop and continue to add tension as desired, but do not exceed 50 percent stretch to avoid numbness or discoloration of the tissue. Safety first with compression band flossing.

floss bands knee joint

Finish by tucking in the end of voodoo compression floss band.

voodoo floss bands knee

For lower impact relief, lift the knee at a 90 degree angle, and alternate pulling in the heel and extending the leg straight for 45 seconds to one minute.

Alternatively, for higher impact of floss bands work, up for 45 seconds to one minute of air squats.

compression floss bands knee joint full range of motion

To finish compression flossing unwrap rockfloss and supplement with your favorite rock tape kinesiology taping application for best results.

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How to floss a Knee Joint with Compression Floss Bands [VIDEO]

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