Voodoo Floss DIY

Vodoo Floss Bands DIY

How to make DIY Voodoo Floss Band

How to make a DIY Compression Floss Band

You'll need a bicycle tube. A mountain bike suits the best. The width is 1.9 at a minimum.
  1. Find the valve and cut it out. Don't cut around the valve, cut straight the entire tube on either side of the valve. You'll end up owning a tube with two open ends.
  2. Take care that the talc doesn’t spill out.  Cutting the tube over the sink is a good idea.
  3. You are ready for a more difficult cut. Identify a seam which runs along the tube. Use the good scissors to cut along the seam. You will have a wide band of rubber under about 29" long.
  4. Fold the tube lengthwise to find a middle line. Use sharp scissors to cut along that imaginary line. You will now have two rubber bands of the same length.
  5. Wash the bands with water and soap. You may wash it after the process or during any stage.
Is this a good substitute?
Let’s be honest. This is not the best option.
This homemade flossing band will lack some degree of tackiness and elasticity. And, while it does provide a novel sensory input to your tissues, you will not get the same outcome comparing to the “authentic” Voodoo Band.

Video Demonstration: DIY Compression Bands from a Bicycle Tyre

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